Photo 1 of 2: One of the lowest approaches i've witnessed on my 2 trips to SXM. Bearly missing the fence as the people underneath duck for cover.


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Contact photographer for terms of use.


Mat Sokol

Great Shot! I was at SXM that day eating lunch at the SONESTA when this plane landed. My shot did not come out to well, but your is great. Were did you take it from?


This airline is the greatest at Maho Beach approaches - hands down, bar none!! This particular landing can't be 18 inches above the chain link!! I bet this pilot logs on to within the hour to check out his performance!! If he/she had a bet going, they won!! So did you James!! Very exciting shot! I do wonder what the life expectancy of this fence is going to be? 8 mos? A year?

Ben Sheriff

just awsome, great shot, beats any SXM shot!