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Photo Usage Policy
Last Updated: December 09, 2015

JetPhotos is a web service for photographers to upload and share their aviation photos on the domains JetPhotos.com and JetPhotos (JetPhotos) All photographs displayed on JetPhotos are the property of the owners noted in the copyright banner under each image and may not be used in any way without the owner's permission. The photos are licensed for use by JetPhotos at time of upload, however, neither JetPhotos or Flightradar24 AB (the legal entity that owns JetPhotos) nor any of their affiliates claim ownership of any photographs displayed herein.

By uploading photos to this web site, you grant JetPhotos and Flightradar24 AB a non-exclusive license to display the images on the JetPhotos website plus any related mobile apps and social media accounts. You also grant JetPhotos a non-exclusive license to provide thumbnails of uploaded photos to approved (by Flightradar24 AB) partner web sites and apps. These thumbnails will be properly attributed to the to the owner and link back to the original photo published on JetPhotos.

Flightradar24 AB will not, under any circumstances, use these images in any other way. We will not copy, print, barter, sell, trade, or otherwise use your photos for the benefit of this web site or any other entity, and if you wish to remove your images from the JetPhotos site at a future date, we will accommodate your request in a timely fashion.

Any unauthorized use of the photos displayed on JetPhotos, be it for commercial or non-commercial use, is in violation of U.S. and international copyright law and is strictly forbidden.

You may not alter, crop, resize, reproduce, or distribute these photos in any fashion without permission from the owner. You may not claim these photos as your own property, or creation.

While Flightradar24 AB makes no claim of ownership for any photos displayed on the site, we have in the past used (and will continue to use) all resources available to us to protect our photographers' intellectual property.

If you see a photo you would like to use:

Please contact the photographer via the 'Contact [Photographer Name]' link located in the photo information table just below the main image. Our photographers are usually more than willing to assist you in gaining a proper license for use of their photographs.

We thank you for your adherence to this policy!

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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