Air Berlin Airbus A320 is preparing for take off on the famous circling point on runway 35. Google Coordinates of my position @ Nisos Taverna: [39°35'12.17"N - 19°54'50.74"E] and Google Coordinates of the family on the dam [39°35'19.66"N - 19°54'53.21"E] This picture is dedicated to my buddies Tom, Janos and (my roommate) photographer Phil Greiml. Thanks guys for this unforgetable trip to CFU!


Contact photographer for terms of use.
Contact photographer for terms of use.


Christopher Vondra - LNZ-Spotter

Thank you very much, Marek! I'm glad you like it ;) Is there any better way to visit CFU in a Tu-154?? ;)

Marek Slusarczyk - Tupungato

Very pretty shot. Corfu airport was my first passenger landing ever, in Malev Tu-154B.