Finally my quest for a 707 is over, and it ends with the last flightworthy -100! With many thanks to Fred Miller for the parking tips and laughs, and to the legendary Senga Butts who, after 90 minutes on the phone, convinced me the reward was so worth the risk.


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Contact photographer for terms of use.



At first glance I just saw Qantas-707 in New York, that's gotta hurt somebody! And then that somebody even took that shot, outside of JFK! Though technically your quest had been accomplished before, this is the best way to close that chapter. Not only is it a gorgeous bird, not only couldn't that type be any more scarcer but it is also painted in the hottest colors that array the remaining 707. This is a really great shot and I'm happy you spared no efforts and embarked on this 20mi. long adventurous journey! ;-)