How low can you go?!


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Edward Pascuzzi

Years ago, before SXM was known to any photographer, AF pilots used to compete to see just how close to the runway's edge they could touch the tires to the surface upon landing. As a result of this continual contest, one aircraft scraped and tore up the fence, getting it entangled in the landing gear and causing a general mess. AF's pilots union staunchly defended the flight crew, however, it appears that they are continuing this unsafe habit. Someday, there will be a huge problem at the end of that beach/runway, and you won't be able to get within 1000 feet of that threshold.

Denis F. McBriarty

Hey Nigel! Good positioning on your part and some refreshing locations in your trip shots! One of the lowest I've seen and perfect conditions for your catch! Wonderful !

Andrew Broadfoot

What an incredible shot!