A late evening lift-off for Saudi Arabia on Runway 27 carrying pilgrims for the Haj, with the beautiful backdrop of the massive Hiranandani Estate and the office towers of the Andheri area of Mumbai. Special thanks to some Mumbai spotters (who shall remain anonymous) who took me to this location.


Contact photographer for terms of use.
Contact photographer for terms of use.


Devesh Agarwal Bangalore Aviation

Thanks to everyone for their comments. Spotting in Europe, USA, and Australia is so well promoted that most spotters cannot fathom the crap we spotters in India have to go through. :) Efforts at Bangalore have paid fruit. The authorities at Bengaluru International Airport right from the CEO on down recognised the positive benefits of spotting and became the first airport in India to push for and obtain an officially recognised spotting group. Now efforts are on at Mumbai. Hopefully we can help replicate the efforts at Delhi, Hyderabad and other airports as well.


Beautiful old lady.Super angel.Soon we will miss it

Akbar Merchant

Nice shot; The local spotters in Mumbai stand on all the stuff you mentioned almost every time they go for spotting. Doing such hard work only deserves good quality shots from Mumbai. But the best thing is that no one has mentioned about it so far :)