First pics of India's IL-76 Phalcon AWACS. Seen here performing it's first flight in israel.


Contact photographer for terms of use.
Contact photographer for terms of use.


Aalok Gaitonde

Great catch Rami! Thanks for sharing, cheers


Very nice.... now that's what I call a 'Rare' aircraft ;)

Rui Miguel

I was in Tel Aviv in the beginning of May and when I used to go to the Airport City to do spotting, the bus would pass next to the IAI factory and I remember seeing an IL-76 parked there but without the big radar. I've allways thought it was from India AF. A few days latter only the radar was there and the aircraft was gone. Now I realised that what I've saw was the first IAF IL-76. Congratulations to IAF, the strongest Air Force!! Also congrats Rami for the photo. A big Shalom to Israel from Portugal!