Hot off the press! Insel Air's newest addition to their fleet, PJ-MDB after a successful test flight. Dedicated to all the Netherland Antilles spotters, Robby, Roger and Casper. New to the DB. [Canon EOS 40D + Canon EF 70-200mm f4 L USM]


Contact photographer for terms of use.
Contact photographer for terms of use.


Roger Cannegieter

I agree with DCA-Q400 on the color. The new blue is much nicer. I will try to photograph this beautiful livery on the platform/ramp soon. As I've said already, excellent photo Tomas. Keep them coming!


Tan Bonita! I much prefer the new tail colour. The one on PJ-MDA is too dark.

Casper Kolenbrander

Such a nice machine, with the original Blue tail color of the Curacao flag, thanks for sharing Tomas.