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Clipper Good Tidings was the airliner used by Congressmen Leo J Ryan on a fact finding mission in November 1978. He was traveling to Guyana to determine if some of his constituents were being held against their will at the People’s Temple Agriculture Co-Op buried deep in the jungle. His visit touched off the Jonestown massacre on November 18, 1978. Jim Jones, the leader of the church, commanded the genocide. Around 1000 men, women, and children were murdered or took their own lives. Congressmen Ryan was also killed on the runway of a remote jungle airstrip. He was about to board a Cessna Grand Caravan to take him back to Georgetown, Guyana’s largest city. Clipper Good Tidings was waiting on the tarmac to take the Congressmen and his party back to the USA, instead by it took back coffins.

Wayne Morris

Those were the days, when you could view from the top of the pier! Great shot mate - it brings back many memories of spotting at Ringway.