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Mar 25, 2007


Apr 22, 2007





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James Jackman

WOW!!! Never knew that there where so many dials and Buttons on the original Boeing 747 series Airliners Seriously it’s lit up like a Christmas tree!!! Just shows how much technology has changed in 30/or 40 years This one probably has once carried fair paying passengers with Northwest Orient And since has been converted to a freighter? Probably destined for the Scrap man in 4/ or 5 years from now or/ A museum? I would feel old fashioned even to compare the Brand new 747-8I due out in 2010 to this one really there is No Comparison!!! Well done to the photographer who took this picture as it is rare now days to find an operational Boeing 747-200 as most of them have been ever scrapped or/ dismantled for spires to keep the few remaining safely flying. Now signing off From: a true aviation enthusiast.