"Our Airline" the new name for Air Nauru. ex N323AW.


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Contact photographer for terms of use.


Air Nauru's Melbourne Operations

In its heyday Air Nauru was an Airline that you could call a convertible. What I mean by that comment is you could convert to to part passenger/cargo or even fully cargo but installing' seat packs' over the the rows of seats all the way up to business class. I worked at the Melbourne operation for 17 years and a duty of mine was to install these 'seat packs' quite often out of necessity to carry very important cargo to Nauru. (Medical, perishables, money, general goods) Possibly everything you can imagine was carried on the passenger deck in these 'seat packs' Many stories could be told here about those days. Our Airline probably operates 'seat packs' also. Regards to all who remember me Thomas Raftery.