A shocked public at the 1984 air display at Fairyhouse racecourse look as the emergency services attend to the scene of the crash. SP-AFX stalled and crashed whilst attempting to land.Unfortuneately the pilot did not survive. May he RIP. No. 2 of 2 ( see PhotoId 5664446 ).


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I was shocked when I first viewed this photo. That is me climbing on the fence in the green shorts next to my brothers in blue and my sister in the white skirt. I remember it like it was yesterday. God I'm getting old! LOL

Eric Mc

I was there that day (marshalling in the in-field area) and the three Wilgas passed directly over our heads, flying wing tip to wing tip. They weren't actually trying to land. When they had completed a formation flypast towrds the end where the Skyvan was parked, they then attempted a very slow line abreast formation turn to port to fly back along the crowd line. During this turn, the Wilga on the outside of the turn had his port wing stall and he went into an incipient spin. He completed about 3/4 of a turn in the spin before impacting the ground. He was just too low to recover from the spin. There was a small post crash fire but it was quickly extinguished by the attendant firecrew.