Seen about one hour after the accident, B-165 languishes forlornly in Kowloon Bay with emergency slides deployed and Emergency Services in attendance, having run off the end of Runway 13 during Tropical Storm "Ira".


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Dear Friend

With great sadness I received the recent news of David's passing in Hong Kong. David was a great friend and avid aviation enthusiast. To me, David was as much a fixture of the Hong Kong aviation scene as Kai Tak itself, and so his passing comes as a great blow to the Hong Kong aviation enthusiasts' community. David, you were greatly loved and respected by all and I shall forever enjoy your passion for aviation and life through your iconic Kai Tak images. You will be sorely missed, but not forgotten. Rest with a smile dear friend and thank you for the wonderful memories you leave us.

Excellent shot David! You must have been thinking "what the?!" when looking outside your office! Hard to believe this was 13 years ago now. TheDR2: This has nothing to do with any reason closing Kai Tak. It was closed because it just didn't have the capacity to deal with HK's growth.

Dan Irvine

I guess this is one of the reasons why they closed Kai Tak.