The soccer team Boca Juniors,came to Brazil with this 707 of Argentina Air Force. This photo was taken at BASP (São Paulo Air Base). Uploaded By Kadu Di Dario


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El Condor

Served as the chief presidential aircraft (as 'Tango Uno' or T-01) from 1975-92, when it was replaced by the lavish 757. TC-91 was diverted fom an order from Aerolineas Argentinas, by the unpopular 3rd wife of Perón, Isabelita, and arrived factory-fresh in mid-1975 (she was toppled the following year!) In 1993, this was converted into a Combi with the addition of a Side Cargo Door, and performs both passenger and freight roles. Served as a makeshift reconnaissance aircraft during the Falklands, at its own peril! A well-travelled but young 707, still shy of its 30th birthday!