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Aug 14, 2022


Jan 27, 2023






Nikon Z 5 | SIGMA 50-500mm f/4-6.3 EX DG HSM Show Exif data
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Luft Spotter

I hope you got the good replacement. If there's no halos/vignetting from Nikon Z 100-400, i'd be happy to jump ship :D

Luft Spotter

You meant vignetting at >200mm even at f8 or smaller? Holy crap! I had Sigma 100-400 before i started JP here. Let me throw my old sigma photo into our equalizer here to see what happens. btw, we spotters adapt and always find good spots :)

Mickey-Mi - IKUN

In fact, f11 will still have visible vignetting. However, this seems to be the characteristic of all large magnification zoom lenses, and this is also a full-frame lens. In this case, SIGMA has achieved good sharpness and good resolution. I am still very satisfied with it. I have used SIGMA 100-400 before. You can see it in Exif of my previous pictures. This lens is newer, with very good optical quality, and the gradual halo is not obvious, but it will produce a circle of bright light in the picture, which looks like an over-repair of vignetting, but in fact this is the problem of the lens itself. (This seems to be the characteristic of all 100-400 lenses. Except for Nikon's new Z 100-400 S, all 100-400 lenses have this problem, including SIGMA, Tamron, Sony GM.) And because the focus range is not large enough, I still decided to replace it :D