KLM 747 arrives just clearing the SXM airport fence, every yard used to its advantage to slow this puppy down. See photo 392 for approach shot.


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Great pic Sir Addante, I'm from St. Maarten and I am very pleased to see that picture. It is an out-of-this-world experience to be under those planes when they are landing. There is even more excitement when they are taking off!! To all of you that have never been to St. Maarten, I say to you, "once you come, you'll know." It's unlike the rest Caribbean islands, because it is the best!! 37 square miles of tranquility, beauty and amusement!!

Rich - a Pilot

They have to land like that because the runway is very short for a 747. The runway more than likely has a PAPI (precision approach path indicator) or equiv. I'm sure the pilots were very aware that they were right over the fence. These guys might even use a motion simulator to shoot this approach before flying it for real.


There is a sign there that says "warning low arriving and departing aircraft, blast can cause physical injury" =)