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JetPhotos Spotting Groups.

JetPhotos wishes to help your Spotting Group by providing personalized pages and extra information of the photos you have on JetPhotos.

The benefits for Spotting Groups at JetPhotos are:

  • A personalized Group information page, where you can show your logo, website, most viewed photos, a group photo and all the members that belong to that group. Example: Sample Group
  • You can display all the photos taken by all the members of the group. Example: Sample Group
  • Below each photographer's name, the group name will be displayed with a link to the personalized Group information page.
  • When viewing a large view of the photo, the group logo and name will be displayed below.
  • ......plus more we are planning.

We are eager to hear any suggestions you might have to help you promote your Spotting Group.

There are two requirements to create a JetPhotos Spotting Group.

  1. The group must be a NON-PROFIT organization.
  2. Two JP Photographers with at least 100 photos each in the database.

Creating JP Spotting Groups.

To request the creation of a Spotting Group both starting members must:

  1. Send an email to administration at jetphotos dot net with the subject SPOTTING GROUP CREATE group_name Being group_name the name of the group you with to create. This email must contain the following information:

    • You Name and JP Userid Number (NOTE: Your userid number is numeric!!)
    • A graphic logo file. It cannot exceed 200x100 pixels and not exceed 25kb in size.
    • A brief description of your group.
    • Your Website URL (optional).
    • A contact e-mail (optional).
    • An Group photo (optional). Maximum size 300x200 pixels. You may also send us the caption of the group photo.

  2. This email should be sent from the email address defined in your user profile
Your request will be reviewed and processed within 72 hours of receiving both emails.

Joining a JP Spotting Group.

To join a JP Spotting Group, you need a member of the group you wish to join to invite you. The invitation form is located in the Members Section of the members of the group.

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